#3 - Escape from House Do'Urden

The party now needed to escape from the prison with Belezin Thorngren. They took a pathway into the underdark that likely would end where they had previously found the entrance. They travelled quickly because it was inevitable that it would not take the drow long to come searching when the nobles did not return with the prisoner.

They first arrived at a large cavern and took the path to the left which led to a demon web-pit that was used to convert drow into driders. The party made noise which alerted the driders to their presence. Sarat was able to charm the driders, thus avoiding a fight.

Returning to the cavern, the party encountered the first of their pursuers who were easily dispatched. They then continued on to the exit. Just prior to the exit with the guards, there was an elevator. Jar Silkweaver lowered himself down the elevator, convincing the guards that he was the next shift. When the drow entered the elevator, it was cut from above, thus killing the guards and allowing the party to escape without a fight. Frizzt Hun’ett dropped a Hun’ett coin in the wreckage as a diversion tactic.

They then headed through the Underdark to the extraction point on the surface, but first taking a rest. Belezin seemed to not know why he had been captured. In a previous interrogation, he had been asked questions about Drizzt Do’Urden (exile of Do’Urden).

While resting in a side cave, the party heard a large detachment of goblins marching overhead. Rather than take a longer alternative route, they followed the detachment to a large cave in which a massive goblin war was underway. Two mind flayers could be seen hovering on the other side of the cavern.

For fear of mind flayers, they thought it best to wait things out. This gave the drow that were pursuing them an opportunity to catch up to the party. Their hiding place allowed them to ambush the two lizard riders. The captured lizards allowed them to travel across the wall and pass safely through the goblin war.

Arriving at the rendezvous point, they were surprised to not find Belezin’s friends, but agents of House Baenre who took possession of the prisoner and paid the remainder of the 700gp payment.

#2 - Infiltrating House Do'Urden

The party was contacted once again by Bregan D’aerthe. They were invited to meet at a certain time in a particular building in the Eastmyr. Arriving at the house, they found that it had been magically sealed against magical scrying and other enchantments. Within an human agent of Bregan D’aerthe met them.

The agent informed the party that the agency had received a job that they are unable to act on openly, but that they would like to hand off to the party of adventurers. The task is to free a human prisoner from House Do’Urden. He is then to be escorted to the surface so that he can be delivered back to his people in Silverymoon. This is the reason why Bregan D’aerthe didn’t feel comfortable openly taking the job. The prisoner’s name is Belezin Thorngren.

The party began performing reconnaissance on the Do’Urden compound. They were able to locate an entrance to the compound from the underdark, though it is located a ways from the compound and is also guarded by a pair of drow soldiers.

Jhael Silkweaver headed to the market to speak with her contacts. She found out that House Do’Urden is actively collecting materials for a military campaign (i.e. swords, tents, provisions, etc). Using a work-order, she was able to forge the signature of Dinin Do’Urden to gain entrance to the compound. Her brother, Jar Silkweaver, used this information to join the house as a mercenary, thus giving him access to much of the compound.

Gaining access to the compound by various methods, the party made their way to the prison on the far back wall of the compound. As they deliberated on how to best deal with the jailor and two hobgoblin workers, time ran out. Three noble drow came to take the prisoner to a chapel of Lloth to be interrogated. This forced the party to engage and kill the drow.

#1 - The Assassination of Selds

The party was hired by an agent of Bregan D’aerthe to assassinate a young drow from House Oblodra named Selds. They met with the agent at the Darkled Depths in Eastmyr. The job paid 250gp total.

The party was able to gain information about the whereabouts of Selds from a House Oblodra servant. Unfortunately, the reconnaissance went south and the servant had to be killed in a nearby alley. Before the killing, some information was acquired about the whereabouts of Selds, that he would be participating in a goblin mining expedition.

Jhael (Drew) disguised herself and was able to join the mining expedition as a hireling. During the journey, Jhael was able to “befriend” the goblin overseer (Toby). She convinced him that a dagger had magical drow slaying properties. The others headed out ahead of time so that they could establish an ambush in the cavern where the mining party was to occur.

In the mining cavern, the trap was sprung and the party made short work of the drow, including Selds. Toby joined the fray to assist the party. By luck, he dealt the killing blow to two of the drow who had already been weakened by the party.

In the end, the assassination was successful. Half of the remaining goblins were executed. Toby and the others were permitted to leave with the dagger. Selds is found to have on his person a few gold coins all marked with House Hun’ett as well as an amulet of the same house which is pocketed by Jhael.


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